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From Luke Blanshard <>
Subject Re: [HiveMind] Force loading of Services
Date Wed, 24 Mar 2004 16:11:36 GMT
I like both of these ideas, forcing the service to be loaded when you
explicitly get it from the registry with a special method and having a
way to mark a service as needing to be loaded in its descriptor.  Here's
a third idea: when you pass one service to another in the descriptor
(via a constructor or a property), have a way to mark the passed service
as needing to be loaded at registry initialization time.


Christian Essl wrote:

> A few days ago Benjamin had mainly the complain about the current
> service handling, that problems in the service construction may arise
> very late during runtime. While we discussed very lenghty why this is
> so in Hivemind I somehow share his whishes that it should be possible
> to get an exception either at Registry build time or at first access
> for at least special marked services.
> Maybe it could help if the Registry had a method getLoadedService()
> this method would instruct (via the ServiceExtensionPoint) the Model
> to load a deffered Proxy. An alternative would be to add to the
> services a mixin-interface which has a load() method and would just
> load the proxy.
> To enable checking at Registry build time service-implementations
> could be marked to be loaded at start-up. This could happen with an
> extra attribute 'load-at-startup'. Again an alternative would be to
> have start-levels (OSGi like). This would also help to start timers etc.

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