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From "David Gilliland" <>
Subject Proposal for the Commons Sandbox
Date Mon, 08 Mar 2004 14:54:03 GMT
I have recently started a project in the Java Foundry on Sourceforge called "Jestr", and it
seems like it might be a natural fit for the Jakarta Commons project.  You can read about
it here:

The project uses many Jakarta Commons components and is released under the Apache Software
License.  Jestr is still Beta software and I would not recommend it for promotion to the Commons
proper at this point (besides, it depends on the Functor component which is currently sandboxed),
but I'd like to offer it for inclusion in the Commons Sandbox.  

I just wanted to gauge whether there was any interest in accepting it here.  If so, I would
of course rename the root package from "jestr" to "org.apache.commons.jestr", or perhaps "org.apache.commons.stringify".
 Other than that there would be little to change, since Jestr uses the standard Jakarta Commons
build and directory structure (I cannibalized the Functor component's build.xml).

Plz post any comments, suggestions, etc., to the list.



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