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From Emmanuel Bourg <>
Subject Re: [Configuration] IniFile
Date Thu, 04 Mar 2004 17:12:03 GMT
What about a single class instead, IniConfiguration or 
WindowsConfiguration (I tend to prefer the later) extending 
BasePathConfiguration with new methods:

void load();
void save();
List getSections();
Configuration getSection(String name); // delegating to subset
void setProperty(String section, String key, Object value);
void getProperty(String section, String key);

Emmanuel Bourg

Inger, Matthew wrote:

> I think what i'm planning on is the following:
> IniSectionConfiguration -
>  extends BaseConfiguration, and doesn't really do much else
>  except add a name attribute with a getter, and a save method
>  to write the section to an output stream
> IniFileConfiguration - 
>   extends BaseConfiguration.  It contains a map, whose
>   key is section name, and value is an IniSectionConfiguration
>   object.  There will be getSection(String name) method which returns
>   an IniSectionConfiguration.  The existing "subset" method will delegate
>   to the getSection method.
>   From the perspective of IniFileConfiguration keys are represented as:
>        [section_name]keyName
>   All of the get,add,clear, etc... methods will parse the key above and
>   find the correct section, and delegate the call to that section.
> I think this is the cleanest solution.  Thoughts?

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