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From Luke Blanshard <>
Subject RE: [HiveMind] HiveMind ideas
Date Wed, 03 Mar 2004 20:34:55 GMT

>Rapdily changing interfaces?  Not just implementations, but interfaces?
>That sounds more like a alpha cycle than a full release cycle.

I suppose it does.  The reality is, though, that a given jar file is
likely to have code whose level of stability spans a pretty wide range.
 Even interfaces.

Taking out the "rapidly", the issue remains.  Just because I change one
interface incompatibly shouldn't mean that users of all the other
interfaces in my module have to adjust their allowed versions.

>Back to your issue. One solution is to use a more fine grained
>approach; have many seperate modules.
>I think, to support that approach, HiveMind may need a way to break the
>"one jar == one module" approach.  Perhaps an element of the module
>descriptor could be a path to *additional* module descriptors to read.

That would help, I guess.  But only if you planned ahead far enough.  It
wouldn't give you a way out of a hole.


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