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From Ron Blaschke <>
Subject Re: [convert] Initial ideas (was: conversion with default values)
Date Mon, 22 Mar 2004 22:56:13 GMT
>> RB> Don't know if the images made it to the list, so you'd better get
>> RB>
>> A snapshot of my prototype is also available at

SC> The complex conversions involving Type I didn't manage to grok, but maybe I
SC> will if more awake. I'd like to keep [convert] simple if possible, maybe you
SC> could have a think about whether the %age match stuff in the CVS is of any
SC> use.

If I understood it correctly, the percentage is used to provide some
means select the "best" converter (or chain of converters).  The
weight in the edges of the graph I used serve the same purpose.  I
have used only the value "1", but any other positive value will do.
The shortest path algorithm then searches for the converters with a
minimal sum.

Say, you have got the converters
Integer -(80)-> Byte
Byte -(80)-> Boolean

To get from Integer to Boolean you have a weight of 160, which is the
shortest path (the only one).  If you add the Integer -(60)-> Boolean
converter, it would be chosen because its weight would be 60.

The prototype currently provides no way to set the weights, but would
be easy to add.

I think the percentage stuff is useful, though I'd call (and maybe
use) it a little different, as I got used to to the term "weight" from
graph theory.

SC> Stephen
SC> PS: I'm on holiday for a week from Wednesday ;-)

Enjoy your holidays! :-)

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