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From Benjamin Tomasini <>
Subject [Hivemind] ServiceImplementationFactory - no Exception (?)
Date Wed, 17 Mar 2004 01:19:49 GMT
I have started to use Hivemind and have been successful in porting over
some existing work.  It is quite nice!  Very well thought out. Keeping
the service / proxy layer in place is cool.  

One suggestion so far...

I had a case where my service object from Registry.getService came back
null.  One of the services used the BuilderFactory.  I was getting a
log4j ERROR message, but no exception was thrown to my app.  It was a
simple runtime error - a typo in a config file.

Looking further, I see that 



the method


does not throw an exception or anything.

It seems that this prevents calling applications from knowing about
problems creating a service.  I could always check for null in the
service object, but this isn't quite right, IMO.  Especially with the
lazy loading, I think burying any exception here is bad, especially for
apps that depend on a large number of services.

I would be willing to put some work into this and submit a patch if we
think we need some exception handling here.


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