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From "Piotr KochaƱski">
Subject [math] EmpiricalDistribution improvments
Date Mon, 16 Feb 2004 09:23:23 GMT
Phil Steitz wrote:

> 1. Either remove or implement the "not implemented yet" distribution 
> persistence methods.  I am ambivalent on these, maybe just supporting 
> serialization is enough.

The question is if it happens very often that we obtain data in the
form of the EDF. This might be the case if data are pre-processed
using different application (or experimental equipment)...

I'm thinking about the best form in which EmpiricalDistribution can be
maybe saving pairs 
observed_value_i = probability_i
would do the job?

> 3. Develop some sort of rationale for the test tolerances.  This is an 
> interesting mathstat problem.  I would ideally like to use statistical 
> tests (like elsewhere in the random package), but it is not obvious what 
> the right test or test parameters should be.

As long as we test means or variances we can use t test or some variance
equality test (Levene test). However we need to choose significane level
anyway, so still there is a arbitrary number (like "tolerance" we have
on the other hand this number have clear interpretation.


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