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From "Piotr KochaƱski">
Subject [math] Re: "Straw man" release plan
Date Wed, 04 Feb 2004 08:39:31 GMT

> Ah, now I understand what you have been trying to communicate and I agree
> that adding all of this functionality to EmpiricalDistribution is not a
> good idea.  I was only considering the simple use case modelling the
> sampling distribution of a single, known statistic.  The more general case
> in which the boostrap samples are leveraged for inferences about multiple
> statistics will require more complex machinery.  I suggest that we take
> this up again post 1.0.  For now, I don't think it makes sense to
> significantly modify EmpiricalDistribution (though given the confusion, it
> might be better to change the name :-)

No, no, the name is OK. The purpose of the EmpiricalDistribution is quite
and it really describes EDF. Now I have clear view what is
for and, what even more important, what is it *not* for.

I will patch EmpiricalDistribution with the load(double[]) method soon
initialization would be quite usefull regardless of bootstrap, etc.)


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