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From "Piotr KochaƄski">
Subject [math] Re: "Straw man" release plan
Date Tue, 03 Feb 2004 10:58:47 GMT
Mark R. Diggory wrote:

> I think maybe this should be returning the more generic 
> StatisticalSummary interface. If you are returning precalculated 
> results, you do not exactly want to expose the underlying implementation 
> to modification by the user.
> StatisticalSummary[] sampleStats ...

That's good idea

> If your going to be preserving the original/bootstrap values in a 
> double[][], then the Standard "DescriptiveStatisticsImpl" could be used.
> public interface FullStatisticalSummary {
> 	public abstract double getMean();
> 	public abstract double getVariance();
> 	public abstract double getStandardDeviation();
> 	public abstract double getMax();
> 	public abstract double getMin();
> 	public abstract long getN();
> 	public abstract double getSum();
> 	public abstract double getPercentile(double p);
> 	...
> }
> or more simply,
> public interface FullStatisticalSummary extends StatisticalSummary{
> 	public abstract double getPercentile(double p);
> 	...
> }

Exactely, but the point is that we have to preserve original/bootstrap
values and EmpiricalDistribution is not storing them - internally it keeps
in the array of bins. As I understand this was the aim - we don't have to
keep the whole data set in order to get important information about the
empirical distribution.  If a data set is huge this is a true gain.

If, on the other hand, I want to keep the whole data set then I can easily
other tools to calculate any statistics I want so I don't need to use 

Documentation for EmpiricalDistribution gives two example applications
of this interface - preparing data for drawing a histogram and provide
methods to draw random numbers from such a distribution. I am
wondering if making EmpiricalDistribution responsible for other tasks
like handling bootstrap samples or even doing bootstrap would not
make it to complicated to use.


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