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From Christian Siefkes <>
Subject RE: [configuration] Refactor AbstractConfiguration(Configuration defaults)
Date Mon, 16 Feb 2004 16:00:03 GMT

On Mon, 16 Feb 2004, Eric Pugh wrote:
> True..  But, you could grab the propertiesConfiguration out of the composite
> and save it..  I think the composite should be looked at as a read only
> "thing" because saving has too many odd ramifications..
> And, at least, the one user who mentioned the
> AbstractConfiguration(Configuration conf) is actually using a
> CompositeConfig anyway, and needs that exact same problem solved..

Well, as long as CompositeConfigs are read-only/in-memory-only, I don't
think they can fully substitute chainable defaults. But of course, adding
a save() method to CompositeConfig doesn't make sense, because they don't
have a native format.

Maybe a CompositeConfiguration.flatten(Configuration out) method that adds
all key/value pairs to the "out" configuration? This would allow
flattening a Composite to BaseProperties or XML/DOM4J or any other format
and storing the flattened configuration...


PS. Please cc me as I'm not on the list.

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