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From Jörg Schmücker <>
Subject RE: [collections] Implementation of List with a tree
Date Wed, 04 Feb 2004 10:08:38 GMT
I don't know if it makes sense to consolidate the code because I am using a
lot of information about the structure of the tree and how the rebalancing
is performed.

The implementation passed all the tests in the test framework for lists,
i.e. AbstractTestList.

I ran a quick performance check it's better than I thought for 100 000 of
each (all times in millis):

Add; insert; get
FastInsertionList = 300;501;110;
ArrayList = 70;20390;20;
LinkedList = 50;226636;279742;

Ok, how do I declare the later?



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From: Stephen Colebourne []
Sent: Tuesday, February 03, 2004 11:14 PM
To: Jakarta Commons Developers List
Subject: Re: [collections] Implementation of List with a tree

Sounds interesting. See

Also see Bugzilla for an AVLTree/Set already proposed. (You may want to
reuse this in some way)

What I really need is a good implementation with tests written using the
collections testframework. Plus a reason for including it. (Performance
between Array and Linked is a good reason ;-)

Finally, you must declare that your submission is donated to the Apache
Software Foundation.


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From: "Jörg Schmücker" <>
> We have implemented a list based on a tree which allows insertion in log n
> and access in log n.  This means it is not as slow as an ArrayList for the
> insertion of elements anywhere but at the end of the list, and not as slow
> as LinkedList for locating an element.  But not as fast as LinkedList with
> insertion at the end.  It uses an AVL-Tree and offsets to accomplish that.
> I would like to contribute it.  How should I go forward?

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