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From "Mike George" <>
Subject [net] Unit and functional tests
Date Wed, 18 Feb 2004 01:33:06 GMT

	As part of project for a college class I'm taking, I am writing a series of
unit tests and functional tests for two of the components of the Commons Net
project.  I intend to submit any tests I write to Bugzilla.  Hopefully
someone will have the time to review them and submit them if they are

1. I would like to work on tests for the POP3 and SMTP components but I do
not want to duplicate someone else's work.  Is anyone working on tests for
these components?

2. Assuming that I do work on these components, should I use RFC 821 (SMTP)
and RFC 1939 (POP3) as guidelines?



"However, it is by our works and not our words that
we would be judged.  These, we hope, will sustain us..."
         -Robert B. Thomas ed. (Old Farmer's Almanac)

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