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From Paul Libbrecht <>
Subject Re: Wishlist 1.0 (was RE: Release schedule for Jelly)
Date Tue, 03 Feb 2004 22:54:21 GMT
On 3-Feb-04, at 17:39 Uhr, Manfred Riem wrote:

> 1. Better documentation on how to do command line running
>    without the need of building in Maven.
> 2. Packaging of the JAR files with the binary distribution
>    of Jelly 1.0.

Well.. here's an approach of a solution.
Sorry I got stuck with this project, I wanted this to eat a jelly  
file... but then it would have made jelly depend on one of its taglibs  
which was great nonsense to me (this is mostly a limitation of maven...  
we have no bootstrap for jelly like maven has).

The approach of solution is to update to the latest status of jelly and  

  maven pack-fat-jar -DtagLibs=bla,bla,bla

where bla,bla,bla is a comma-separated list of taglib-names which you  
wish to see packed. You are assumed to have run "maven  
jar:install-snapshot" in each of these directories and in the  

You then get a jar called target/jellypack.jar which you can run using

java -jar jellypack.jar myJelly.jelly

For example, the following just worked for me:

maven pack-fat-jar -DtagLibs=xml,util,swing
java -jar target/jellypack.jar  

Thanks to test!


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