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From robert burrell donkin <>
Subject Re: Change Commons Nav to Collapsed?
Date Sun, 15 Feb 2004 16:45:11 GMT
On 15 Feb 2004, at 14:33, Eric Pugh wrote:


> Something that might work well at least in the short term is to ditch 
> all
> the items under each menu item, and instead have the menu just link to 
> a
> page on the main site.  That would
> reduce it down to 8 hotlinks, and not require every subproject to have 
> lots
> of complex shared XML files that import the shared entities..  I'm 
> thinking
> this really might help cleanup the various Sandbox websites that often
> become old/out of date because keeping their project documenation 
> files up
> to date is hard..
> We could use the existing Maven commons/xdocs file to host the 
> subproject
> pages that are linked to..  so we would have /commons.xml, 
> /download.xml, or
> /xdocs/commons/index.xml, /xdocs/download/index.xml,
> /xdocs/viewcvs/index.xml, /xdocs/community/index.xml that would link 
> to all
> the seperate pages.

i think that the major part of the work involved with making the menus 
collapsable would be the creation of the documents you suggest. once 
that's done, we could then use some jelly magic to use them as the 
navigation place holders that the collapsable menus need to work.

- robert

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