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From Brian S O'Neill <>
Subject Re: WeakIdentityMap
Date Fri, 20 Feb 2004 07:19:58 GMT
WeakIdentityMap cannot extend ReferenceMap becauase it isn't extensible 
enough. Specifically, supporting keys that use System.identityHashCode() 
and ==. Also, ReferenceMap removes cleared references too aggressively.

Classes like ReferenceMap and AbstractHashedMap could probably have more 
extension points, but too many may impact performance. If 
AbstractHashMap had more extension points, and it didn't impact 
performance enough, then even ReferenceMap could extend it.

The new version of the class has the proper license, and I've adapted it 
to follow coding conventions I've seen in other commons code. I'll mail 
in the ASF license, write test cases, and then post to bugzilla.

Noel J. Bergman wrote:

>I'm just going to address the how part of your questions, and will leave the
>rest to others.
>If you decide to submit your classes, it would be best of you submitted your
>code with the ASF License ( already embedded.  And
>please also submit a software grant
>( for them.
>I only skimmed what you wrote, but could your class be a subclass of
>	--- Noel
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