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From Dennis Lundberg <>
Subject [commons-build] The maven sites
Date Wed, 18 Feb 2004 21:31:09 GMT
I've been building the sites for some of the commons components using 
Maven and the all-new-and-shiny common build system. Great work on this 
everybody! Here are a few issues I have found:

1. Indicator for collapsed menu-items

If you use the common L&F by setting this in a components
there is no visual indicator that let the user know that "Project Info" 
and "Project Reports" are actually collapsed and contain other stuff 
beneath them. If you remove the line above you get a tiny arrow as an 
indicator (at least with xdocs-plugin 1.5). I think we need such an 

2. Empty "Project Reports" page

The default setting in commons-build/project.xml is to include no 
reports. This still produces a meny-item called "Project Reports" which 
contains an empty list of reports. Is it possible to have this menu-item 
removed if there are no reports? Or this an issue with Maven? On the 
other hand is there any report that should be mandatory?

3. What parts of commons-build/project.xml should not be overridden

There is plenty of useful stuff in commons-build/project.xml. When going 
through the project.xml-files of the different components there are a 
few parts that show up in the exact same form (more or less) as in 
commons-build/project.xml. Here are a few examples that I think should 
not need to be in the project.xml of a component:
- url
- organization (also found in project-template/project.xml in sandbox)
- gumpRepositoryId
- repository
- siteAddress
- siteDirectory

Any thoughts?

Dennis Lundberg

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