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From John Keyes <>
Subject [all] ALv2
Date Wed, 18 Feb 2004 00:59:46 GMT
I've just read

     To apply the ALv2 to a new software distribution, include one copy
     of the license text by copying the file:

     into a file called LICENSE in the top directory of your
     distribution.  If the distribution is a jar or tar file, try to
     add the LICENSE file first in order to place it at the top of
     the archive.

We currently use the filename LICENSE.txt, to follow the steps
suggested in the guide we should drop the txt extension.

     In addition, a NOTICE file should be included in the same
     directory as the LICENSE file. The NOTICE should include only
     those attribution notices that are required by any part of the
     entire distribution. For Apache projects and those redistributing
     ASF software, the NOTICE file must contain the sentence:

       This product includes software developed by
       The Apache Software Foundation (

All projects using ALv2 should also include a NOTICE file.

Both LICENSE and NOTICE files MUST be included in the distributions.

[3] Documentation and Source

   The license is applied to each source file (code and documentation,
   but excluding the LICENSE and NOTICE files) by including a short
   copyright notice at the top, as demonstrated by the boilerplate notice
   provided in the appendix.

I haven't licensed documentation previously so this was a wake up
call for me.  This should probably be raised with the maven xdoc
people as the generated HTML will not include the license (you
could argue that the .class files don't include the license
comment either).

[4] Jakarta-Commons LICENSE

The jakarta-commons dir contains two files with very similar contents,
LICENSE and LICENSE.txt.  Following the guidelines above LICENSE should


-John K

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