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From Ryan Hoegg <>
Subject Re: bug in commons email (MIME related)
Date Wed, 18 Feb 2004 00:08:49 GMT

Well I needed a break from writing requirements and I use commons-email, 
so I thought I'd chip in here.

This String is used to set the Content-ID header, which is specified in 
RFC 2392.  (I love

content-id = url-addr-spec
url-addr-spec = addr-spec ; URL encoding of RFC 822 addr-spec
cid-url = "cid" ":" content-id

Well, I discovered that RFC 2822 (a proposed standard) obsoletes RFC822, 
but in my 5 minutes of reading they seemed to agree on what an addr-spec 
is: "addr-spec = local-part "@" domain ; global address".  That's the 
one from 822, 2822 gets more complex with the local-part and the domain. 

Anyway, it seems Just Plain Wrong to shove random characters in there, 
right?  The examples in RFC2387 seem to be appending an to 
the Content-ID's anyway.  If I missed something obvious, my apologies.  
Today was the first time I looked at these RFCs.

I remember Noel and some others discussing a possible MIME library on 
this list recently; perhaps they have some input?

Ryan Hoegg
ISIS Networks

Oron Ogdan Adam wrote:

>line 183 in :
>String cid = RandomStringUtils.randomAscii(10);
>this can produce special html chars, which are hard to escape, wouldn't it
>be easier and safer to
>randomly get alphanumeric chars of say size 20 ?
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