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From "Phil Steitz" <>
Subject Re: "Straw man" release plan
Date Tue, 03 Feb 2004 03:59:06 GMT

> As I understand load(double[][]) would compute Empirical Distribution
> Function for every bootstraped sample (provided from some other source).
> Then, instead of having 
> SummaryStatistics sampleStats
> we should provide 
> SummaryStatistics[] sampleStats
> where this array would contain SummaryStatistics calculated
> for every sample.  SummaryStatistics getSampleStats() would
> be changed as well.
> Similarly other methods/objects in EmpiricalDistribution  
> would have to be modified (e.g. binStats would have to be 
> an array of ArrayLists, etc.).
> Do I get your intentions right?

No, I was thinking that EmpiricalDistribution could be used to model the 
bootstrap distribution of a statistic directly.  So, e.g., to compute 
bootstrap confidence intervals for a statistic S, the method would be:
1. Compute N values of S based on bootstrap samples.  Call the resulting 
N-length double array sHat[].
2. Load an EmpiricalDisribution using sHat[].
3. Use the percentiles of the EmpiricalDistribution to compute confidence 
intervals (ideally including bias correction. Cf. Efron & Tibshirani, 
_Intro to the Bootstrap_, chs. 13-14).


> Two comments concerning EmpiricalDistribution 
> 1. Probably it would be nice to have load(double[]) method

Yes.  Needed for above.  Patches welcome :-)

> 2. Instead of
>    ArrayList getBinStats();
> there could be 
>    List getBinStats();

Yes.  It should return a List.

Thanks for the feedback.


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