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From "Alban Peignier" <>
Subject [PROPOSAL] [id] Prefix, UUID and Host StringIdentifierGenerator
Date Wed, 11 Feb 2004 16:53:44 GMT
Hi everybody,

I worked on three StringIdentifierGenerator implementations which can be

These is an "ASCII javadoc summary" :

 - PrefixStringIdentifierGenerator extends AbstractStringIdentifierGenerator
     PrefixStringIdentifier(String prefix, StringIdentifierGenerator)
           prefixes the identifier returns by the specified generator
           with the given prefix

 - HostStringIdentifierGenerator extends PrefixStringIdentifierGenerator
     HostStringIdentifierGenerator(StringIdentifierGenerator) :
          uses the local hostname
     HostStringIdentifierGenerator(InetAddress, StringIdentifierGenerator)

 - UUIDClockStringIdentifierGenerator
     extends AbstractStringIdentifierGenerator

Our goal is to be able to compose a HostStringIdentifierGenerator and a
UUIDClockStringIdentifierGenerator to identify messages in a network

PS : I can prepare a patch with these three classses. .. but not from this
place, no real CVS access :o(.
Alban Peignier

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