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Subject cvs commit: jakarta-commons/jexl/xdocs proposal.xml
Date Fri, 20 Feb 2004 06:53:13 GMT
bayard      2004/02/19 22:53:13

  Added:       jexl/xdocs proposal.xml
  xdoc version of PROPOSAL
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.1                  jakarta-commons/jexl/xdocs/proposal.xml
  Index: proposal.xml
  <title>Proposal for Jexl Package</title>
  <section name="Proposal for Jexl Package">
  <subsection name="(0) Rationale">
  <p>The <em>Jexl</em> package implements a simple expression language for
  accessing Java objects.
  <subsection name="(1) Scope of the Package">
     The package will create and maintain a number of classes for
     implementing a simple expression language and processing engine,
     and to be distributed under the ASF license.
  <subsection name="(1.5) Interaction With Other Packages">
  <p><em>Jexl</em> relies  on standard JDK 1.2 (or later) APIs for
  production deployment. </p>
  <i>Jexl</i> utilizes the JUnit unit testing framework for developing and
  executing unit tests, but this is of interest only to developers of the
  <i>Jexl</i> also depends on Jakarta Velocity, Commons Logging, dom4j
  and Velocity DVSL for documentation rendering.
  <subsection name="(2) Initial Source of the Package">
     The code base is new and uses ideas from Jakarta Velocity.
  <p>The proposed package name for the new component is
  <subsection name="(3)  Required Jakarta-Commons Resources">
  <li>CVS Repository - New directory <code>jexl</code> in the
      <code>jakarta-commons</code> CVS repository.  All initial committers
      are already committers on <code>jakarta-commons</code>, so no
      additional user setups are required.</li>
  <li>Mailing List - Discussions will take place on the general
      <em></em> mailing list.  To help
      list subscribers identify messages of interest, it is suggested that
      the message subject of messages about this component be prefixed with
      [Jexl].  Strongly suggested.</li>
  <li>Bugzilla - New component "Jexl" under the "Commons" product
      category, with appropriate version identifiers as needed.</li>
  <li>Jyve FAQ - New category "commons-jexl" (when available). </li>
  <subsection name="(4) Initial Committers">
     <li>Geir Magnusson Jr.</li>
     <li>James Strachan</li>

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