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Subject cvs commit: jakarta-commons/digester/xdocs index.xml
Date Sun, 15 Feb 2004 11:21:43 GMT
rdonkin     2004/02/15 03:21:43

  Modified:    digester/xdocs index.xml
  Reverting changes that i accidentally put into digester rather than logging. Cut-and-paste
is like drinking fifteen pints - every time you do it, you wake up and say 'never again' but
that's all forgotten by next friday.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.6       +62 -47    jakarta-commons/digester/xdocs/index.xml
  Index: index.xml
  RCS file: /home/cvs/jakarta-commons/digester/xdocs/index.xml,v
  retrieving revision 1.5
  retrieving revision 1.6
  diff -u -r1.5 -r1.6
  --- index.xml	15 Feb 2004 09:38:22 -0000	1.5
  +++ index.xml	15 Feb 2004 11:21:43 -0000	1.6
  @@ -9,69 +9,84 @@
  -<section name="The Logging Component">
  +<section name="The Digester Component">
  +<p>Many Jakarta projects read XML configuration files to provide initialization
  +of various Java objects within the system.  There are several ways of doing
  +this, and the <em>Digester</em> component was designed to provide a common
  +implementation that can be used in many different projects.</p>
  +<p>Basically, the <em>Digester</em> package lets you configure an XML
  +Java object mapping module, which triggers certain actions called
  +<em>rules</em> whenever a particular pattern of nested XML elements is
  +recognized.  A rich set of predefined <em>rules</em> is available for your
  +use, or you can also create your own.  Advanced features of <em>Digester</em>
  +<li>Ability to plug in your own pattern matching engine, if the standard one
  +    is not sufficient for your requirements.</li>
  +<li>Optional namespace-aware processing, so that you can define rules that
  +    are relevant only to a particular XML namespace.</li>
  +<li>Encapsulation of <em>Rules</em> into <em>RuleSets</em>
that can be
  +    easily and conveniently reused in more than one application that requires
  +    the same type of processing.</li>
  -<p>There is a great need for debugging and logging information inside of
  -Commons components such as HTTPClient and DBCP.  However, there are many
  -logging APIs out there and it is difficult to choose among them.</p>
  -<p>The Logging package is an ultra-thin bridge between different logging
  -libraries.  Commons components may use the Logging API to remove
  -compile-time and run-time dependencies on any particular logging package,
  -and contributors may write Log implementations for the library of
  -their choice.</p>
   <section name="Documentation">
  -<p>The <a href="">
  +<p>The <a href="">
   Release Notes</a> document the new features and bug fixes that have been
  -included in the latest release.</p>
  +included in this release.</p>
  -<p>The <a href="">
  -JavaDoc API documents</a> for the latest release are available online.  
  -In particular, you should read the package overview of the <code>org.apache.commons.logging</code>
  -package. In addition, there is a (short)
  -<a href="guide.html">User Guide</a>.</p>
  +<p>The <a href="">
  +JavaDoc API documents</a> are available online.  In particular, you should
  +read the package description for the <code>org.apache.commons.digester</code>
  +package for detailed information on using the package.</p>
   <section name="Releases">
  -    <subsection name='Mirrored Releases'>
  -Releases after 1.0.2 should be downloaded from a mirror. Please remember to verify the

  -sigature of the release from the 
  -<a href=''>main apache site</a>
  -when downloading from a mirror.
  -    Binary releases are available 
  -       <a href="">here</a>.
  -    Source releases are available
  -       <a href="">here</a>
  -       <li>Version 1.0.3 (latest) - 7 Apr 2003</li>
  -    </subsection>
  -    <subsection name='Older Releases (Not Mirrored)'>
  -    <p>
  -    <ul>
  -<li><a href="">Version
  -<li><a href="">Version
  -<li><a href="">Version
  -    </ul>
  -    </p>
  -    </subsection>
  + <ul>
  +  <li>Version 1.5 (from mirror) - 27 Apr 2003
  +   <a href="">binary</a>
  +   <a href="">source</a> (latest)</li>
  +  <li>Version 1.4.1 (from mirror)
  +   <a href="">binary</a>
  +   <a href="">source</a></li>
  +  <li>Version 1.4 (from mirror)
  +    <a href="">binary</a>
  +    <a href="">source</a> 
  +  </li>
  +  <li><a href="">Version
  +  <li><a href="">Version
  +  <li><a href="">Version
  +  <li><a href="">Version
  + </ul>
  +<section name="Resources">
  + <ul>
  +  <!-- newest first sounds like a reasonable rule -->
  +  <li>
  +   Jun 2, 2003 - <a href="">IBM
developerWorks article</a> by Otis Gospodnetic about parsing, indexing and searching
XML with Digester and Lucene.
  +  </li>
  +  <li>
  +   Oct 25, 2002 - <a href="">JavaWorld</a> has an 
  +   article on Digester entitled <a href="">
  +   Simplify XML file processing with the Jakarta Commons Digester</a>.
  +  </li>
  +  <li>
  +   Oct 23, 2002 - <a href="">OnJava</a> has an article

  +   on Digester entitled 
  +   <a href="">
  +   Learning and using Jakarta Digester</a>.</li>
  + </ul>

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