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From Simon Kitching <>
Subject Re: Introduction
Date Fri, 27 Feb 2004 09:51:26 GMT
On Fri, 2004-02-27 at 08:33, James Stauffer wrote:
> Background: My name is James Stauffer and I am a software engineer in
> Minnesota, USA at a small company primarily using Java.  I have been coding
> Java for about 5 years.
> In browsing the Jakarta site I came across this project and noticed that we
> (my company) has a module with a lot of overlap with this project.  I am
> going to look into converting to use commons instead.  What are the options
> for adding methods to commons that we have in our module?
> Example methods (I didn't look closely so these may exist): 
> public static String duplicate(String chars, int count)
> public static String FitToField (String str, int min, int max, char ch, byte
> align) (Pads or trims str to fit in min-max using ch and aligning left,
> right, or center.

Hi James,

Commons is actually a collection of smaller projects rather than just
one project. It is held under one email list because the projects are
smallish and many developers are involved in multiple projects within
commons. I believe the sub-project you should take a closer look at is
"lang". The jakarta website has information about the "lang" project,
including its scope and of course javadoc for the existing code.

If you find that "lang" is indeed a good fit for your code, then you
should send an email to this list with [lang] on the front of the
subject line, and put forward a concrete proposal - or even better an
initial patch. Because this list gets quite a lot of traffic, the
convention is to put the subproject name in the email subject line like
that. Many people use mail filters, so not doing so can severely cut
down your chances of an appropriate reply!

The [lang] developers should then reply with an opinion about whether
your code is appropriate for inclusion in [lang]. If the response is
positive, you then need to prepare the final patch (code in apache
format, include any feedback from lang developers, etc) and send it in.

You may also need to sign the appropriate "software grant" form,
granting Apache the necessary rights to include your software in an
apache project [alas, legal issues are important now]. But that can wait
until you get the green light from the current lang developers.

And of course just watching the traffic on this list for a few days
should give you a good idea of what goes on here. 



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