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From Henri Yandell <>
Subject Ready for promotion? Was: [io] release plans?
Date Fri, 02 Jan 2004 06:57:16 GMT

The core EndianUtils is effectively unit tested now. The Stream wrapper
methods are not yet, and there aren't numerous different types of unit
test etc.

Still, as all the Stream methods sit on top of the Endian ones, I think
the class is generally protected. This leaves:

1) FilenameUtils. Not going in 1.0.
2) Tests for LockableFileWriter, ClassLoaderObjectInputStream,
SwappedDataInputStream. The latter is a small thing that again sits on top
of the EndianUtils Stream classes.
3) A few of the IOUtils tests are testing 1 method from IOUtils and 1 from
CopyUtils. Probably wants the CopyUtils bit removing.

4) Move to Commons proper.   [or 0) ]

5) Release.

What do people think about calling a vote for promotion out of the
sandbox now? Apart from deciding which particular classes etc we want to
leave out, there's not a lot more between IO and a first release.


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