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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: [PROPOSAL] Jakarta Commons moving to JIRA
Date Tue, 13 Jan 2004 20:30:28 GMT wrote:

> I am -1 for moving Jakarta Commons as a --whole-- to JIRA,
> If each sub-project of commons wants to move then thats ok.

Just to rewind the tape, this is a proposal *asking* what people want to do,
and proposing how a move might work.  In terms of decision making, an
umbrella in an umbrella makes for a confusing enough situation.  We'll try
to deal with whatever consensus appears.

> Does infrastructure really want to support 2 bug tracking systems ?

> I believe that the question of a BugTracking system to use is really
> an Apache wide decision, since if all projects don't move to JIRA,
> then there is 2 systems to maintain and learn.

Personally, I don't consider it desirable to have more than one system.  But
if there is a need to support them, and trusted people to do so, I am not
aware of anyone saying that we need to converge into one.  We currently
maintain 3 systems, for what it is worth: bugzilla, jira and scarab.  Scarab
was just updated today to the latest test version.

> Are the JIRA people willing to provide admin type maintance for free ?

The Jira people?  If you mean Atlassian, yes.  They provided the code, they
have been making changes to the main product in order to support us better,
they have made custom changes to provide for some of our specific desires,
etc.  Remember that a significant percentange of "them" are actually ASF
Committers on projects where.  They are part of us.

In terms of doing normal admin stuff, I have only been playing with Jira
since we started deploying it, but it seems much easier and intuitive than
bugzilla or scarab.  In any event, we have quite a few experienced Jira
admins (not me :-)), and the ability to grant or restrict admin permissions
across the deployment as desired.

> The biggest improvement would be to treat each commons sub-project,
> as a project in bugzilla.

How?  And I meant that literally.

> I also think that each committer should automatically be
> made a buzilla admin.

With Jira, the project could have administrators over its domain, and it is
easy to set that up (I was just doing it for the Incubator), but I don't
know how to way to partition admin permissions that way for bugzilla, and it
simply won't happen that every Committer will have global administrator
permissions.  Is there a way to partition permissions with bugzilla?

I am looking at the docs for the current version of bugzilla, and there do
appear to be new features not present in ours.  For example, I don't see
"Edit Group Controls" available in our version.  But I still don't see what
I see in Jira, although I might be missing it (not enough time to read it in

	--- Noel

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