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From robert burrell donkin <>
Subject Re: Re[2]: new project proposal: Type Conversion Library
Date Thu, 22 Jan 2004 10:49:24 GMT
On 22 Jan 2004, at 10:21, Paul Libbrecht wrote:

> I'm sorry I'm coming so late on this but I wanted to point out one 
> interest into this library: Jelly is currently using BeanUtils with a 
> few registred additional converters (for example Jelly-Swing with 
> Dimensions, Rectangles, Colors, Fonts, ...). However the way these 
> converters are registred is not easy to be "meta-thought-about" which 
> makes the generation of the tag-documentation for such libraries 
> currently impossible.
> If there was an abstract way of specifying type-converters, then 
> jellydoc could probably use it at the instatiation of the 
> tag-libraries.

hi paul

(just to explain the beanutils sort-of-road-map)

the route we've been traveling down (slowly) is beanification - 
replacing the old booch utilities with proper objects and backing the 
old interfaces with pseudo-singletons (per context classloader). using 
proper objects has many advantages including better isolation.

we'll probably also move towards great use of strategy plugins.

in terms of registration, one improvement which i've been planning to 
make (but have never really felt the itch badly enough) is factor out a 
register for the conversion types. if this happened then it'd be 
possible to create a register implementation which could be configured 
using meta-data and then plugged into the convertutilsbean instance to 
be used in the next part of the script.

if this kind of functionality is needed by jelly, i'd probably be more 
motivated to implement it. of course, the problem for jelly with this 
is that it'd mean moving onto CVS HEAD for beanutils and without a 
realistic chance of a release for some time.

(that's not to say that the conversion system in beanutils is any way 
sufficient for many purposes but then one of the long term aims for 
both project - for me at least - would  be to be able to plug convert 
into a beanutils.)

- robert

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