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From ASHWIN Suresh <>
Subject RE: cvs commit: How to block just these cvs commit mails
Date Sun, 25 Jan 2004 13:02:39 GMT

&  -----Original Message-----
&  From: Craig R. McClanahan []
&  The COMMONS-DEV list is designed to be the place where the 
&  developers of the
&  various commons projects hang out.  As such, they are 
&  presumed to be interested
&  in the commit messages.  If you're only casually interested 
&  in the packages,
&  then you should either add a mail filter to your client (as 
&  was suggested) or
&  perhaps subscribe to the COMMONS-USER list instead.
&  Craig

I would say I am more than "only casually  interested" in the
packages. I wish to contribute more actively than I started
off sometime back. However, I am looking at how to, say at least,
receive only the commit mails as a digest. I don't think
subscribing to commons-user list will help.
Thanks Robert for the James option, I hope to look into it after 
my current travel.

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