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From Gus Heck <>
Subject Re: Allow anonymous issue creation in JIRA?
Date Fri, 23 Jan 2004 16:01:57 GMT
Hi Noel,

>It does!  :-)  It imports your login.  I believe that the only issue is that
>you have to have it reset your password.  But I could be wrong about that,
>so we should check.
This is good, but does this mean that the login/password is truely 
shared (password changed one place changes for the other) or just a 
similar login, but separate passwords. The former would be prefereable 
to me, though I can probably just set the password to be the same 
manually as long as there is no regular expiration time on passwords in 

>So it seems that a preference would be for Jira to show the option to enter
>an issue, even when not logged in, and then just require a login.
The concerns of others about supporting open source projects like 
Bugzilla not withstanding (which I sympathize with). However I think 
with these changes that would be the only issue, and I'll leave that 
philosophical debate to others.


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