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From Gus Heck <>
Subject Re: Less talk, more action
Date Tue, 20 Jan 2004 17:30:47 GMT
On the management issues side, I would like to note that this mailing 
list is extremely heavyweight for people who only want to monitor one 
project. I am subscribed to keep abrest of any changes in 
commons-sandbox-sql. I am currently using the recently added alter table 
support and loving it. Unfortunately this means 99% of the mail on this 
list is useless to me. Obviously one can't have separate lists for every 
sandbox project.. but if there were at least a separate sandbox list 
that would cut the load some. I have a filter on any subject that 
contains sql in it, but such filters may miss things, and I get a fair 
number of false positves that way too.

When I clear out this mail folder, I sometimes wind up being tempted to 
respond to other mails (like this one) possibly contributing to the 
action/talk dillema you mentioned.


Stephen Colebourne wrote:

>>Tim O'Brien wrote:
>>Essentially, I see conversation increasing at J-C, but
>>participation lagging.
>+1. We, as a community, need to watch this carefully.
>J-C has grown tremendously and achieved great things, but it is possible
>that we have now exceeded the threshold for success using the development
>model we use here (one big mailing list, many committers, many projects)
>I haven't examined the cvs commits, but my gut feeling is that committing
>has dropped off over the last 6 months or so. All I can suggest is that each
>of us here consider why we are in this community, what projects we want to
>focus on, and what we want to achieve. I fear we will have to address some
>more management issues this year, but lets try to do so without excessive
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