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From Emmanuel Bourg <>
Subject Re: [codec] [vote] JIRA
Date Tue, 13 Jan 2004 17:25:29 GMT
Noel J. Bergman wrote:

> Agreed.  Jira and newer versions of bugzilla are similar in that sense,
> although Jira's user-customizable dashboard seems to make better use of it.
> Jira also has far more powerful permission schemes.  The permission schemes
> can be important.  For example, it allows selective delegation of
> administrative control, and allows certain projects to be secured against
> public access.

I will check the latest version but I was under the impression bugzilla 
had a fine grained permission system. Private access is definitely 
supported by bugzilla, it's needed for security related bugs in Mozilla.

>>What was the issue preventing the upgrade ?
>>Bug 26098 - Upgrade to Bugzilla 2.16.x
> Putting aside as irrelevant the fact that it seems that the more time anyone
> spent working on it, the more intensely that they disliked it, the short
> version of the story is that no one wants to risk updating the various bits
> (not just BZ, but the custom scripts, Perl, CPAN modules, etc.), on our
> Solaris 8 deployment.  However, when we move to a new issues server, the
> opportunity could be there to migrate safely and test the new deployment
> without risking the existing infrastructure.

There is a plan for such a move in the near future ?

>>Bug 26099 - Promote Jakarta Commons components to Bugzilla products
> How much effort is involved in doing that with bugzilla?  It could be
> potentially useful, either for projects staying in bugzilla or when
> migrating them to Jira.

Well it's just a matter of creating the projects and the associated 
version numbers, the bugzilla admin is the only one able to do this. 
Then the developpers can mass move the bugs to the new products, I think 
I could do that for all commons components in less that 1 hour once the 
projects are created.

Emmanuel Bourg

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