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From Tim O'Brien <>
Subject Re: [maven] developer repostory revisited
Date Mon, 12 Jan 2004 01:31:09 GMT
Matthew, this is a good idea, but [OT] for commons-dev.   It  has a much 
larger relevant audience in Jakarta.

Move the discussion over to general@, and let's get the discussion started.

__matthewHawthorne wrote:

> In this thread:

> The idea of a Maven repository located on an ASF machine was 
> discussed.  It seems like something that is doable, and also has been 
> requested by the ASF.
> I would like to make this happen, but I am not sure what the official 
> steps to take are.  If a request has to be made to infrastructure, I 
> read that someone from a PMC has to do it.
> Here are the steps that I can see:
> 1) Choose a machine, and create the directory.
> 2) Choose the URL to map the repo to
> (something like ?)
> 3) Possibly modify Maven to search this repository as well as ibiblio 
> by default
> 4)  Modify nightly build script(s) to deploy to this directory as well 
> as others, so that all nightlies and SNAPSHOTs could be instantly 
> available.
> The last time I mentioned this, a few people pointed me to the 
> project, which seems to be defining a 
> next-generation repository structure for Maven and other uses.  This 
> looks great, but I'm interested in something that will work with Maven 
> right now.
> I think this is long overdue, since Apache projects that have been 
> released for months are still not available on ibiblio.  We need an 
> easier way.
> Anyone else interested?  How can we make this happen?  Thanks for any 
> help!
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