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From Tim O'Brien <>
Subject Re: [collections] RC1 Maven site for review
Date Mon, 12 Jan 2004 01:29:20 GMT
+1 for removing the distracting list of components from the left nav and 
replacing it with a link to components.html

Also, take a look at the Maven sites with a white background.  Betwixt, 
CLi, codec, configuration, daemon, latka.

src/media/logo.xcf - get a copy of GIMP 1.2, open up the layer's and 
create a logo.


__matthewHawthorne wrote:

> Phil Steitz wrote:
>> * Do we really need to show links to every commons/sandbox component?
>>   Might the link to Components.html suffice by itself?  If we decided
>>   to standardize on this approach, we would not have to worry about
>>   regenerating and redeploying all of the maven sites when new things
>>   are added to the sandbox or things move from the sandbox to the
>>   commons proper. I know that eventually we will have an integrated
>>   maven site, but even then it seems like all of the links on every
>>   page might be overkill.
> I agree with Phil here.  I think this is the incl_nav.xml that is 
> being included in the xdocs/navigation.xml.  This is something that at 
> first I thought was a great idea, but as time went on I'm starting to 
> find it annoying.  For a project like collections (or any other 
> commons project), a simple link back to the Jakarta Commons home page 
> would be enough, I think.
> The other bad thing about including the commons navigation is that it 
> bumps the Project Info and Project Reports to the bottom.  This could 
> be considered more of a limitation of Maven, I guess.
> Other than that, I think the site looks great, especially the User's 
> Guide. Good job!
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