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From "Mark R. Diggory" <>
Subject Re: [math] SNAPSHOT dependencies
Date Sun, 11 Jan 2004 21:28:06 GMT
Phil Steitz wrote:

> We currently depend on SNAPSHOTs for [discovery], [lang] and 
> [collections].  I think these should be changed to depend on released 
> versions.

We had a bunch of discussions about this awhile back. I think my 
position was different to others who wanted us to place specific 
versions for dependencies in place.

The general strategy I've been taking is straight out of the Maven User 

When Maven is used to create a distribution of the project the snapshot 
dependencies are resolved to their corresponding versioned releases. 
This way the development trunk is always building against the latest 
snapshot of the dependencies and we stay caught up in our development 
against these while an actual src/binary distribution will stay 
dependent on the specific versions established at its point of release.

> Somehow, we need to get the released [discovery] 0.2 uploaded to ibiblio 
> (only 0.1 and a way out of date snapshot -- which we depend on -- is 
> there now).  If no one else does this in the next couple of days, I will 
> figure out how to make the Jira request to get this done.  Once this is 
> done, I would like to change to 0.2 release dependency, unless others 
> have objections.

Yes, [discovery] looks pretty out of date on ibiblio

> We should be depending on [lang] 2.0, which is available.  If there are 
> no objections, I would like to make this change now.

Right now the Snapshoot for lang is identical to 2.0 (see file sizes and 
checksums). It should resolve to 2.0 when the distributions are 
generated in Maven.

> Once [collections] 3 goes final, we should change to that.  I am OK 
> staying with the SNAPSHOT for now (since it is pretty much up to date), 
> and moving to 3 final when this goes up.

The snapshot for collections is actually newer than the last version 3.0 
dev release.

  commons-collections-..> 07-Nov-2003 12:34   598k  <-- Nov. snapshot
  commons-collections-..> 07-Nov-2003 12:35     1k
  commons-collections-..> 03-Jan-2004 00:32   842k <-- jan snapshoot
  commons-collections-..> 03-Jan-2004 00:32     1k
  commons-collections-..> 22-Apr-2003 08:58   463k
  commons-collections-..> 27-Oct-2003 18:40     1k
  commons-collections-..> 07-Nov-2003 12:35   598k <--3.0-dev2(Nov.snap)
  commons-collections-..> 03-Jan-2004 00:32   842k <--link to jan snap
  commons-collections-..> 03-Jan-2004 00:32     1k
  commons-collections-..> 18-Apr-2003 04:40     1k
  commons-collections-..> 27-Oct-2003 16:39    60k
  commons-collections-..> 27-Oct-2003 18:40     1k
  commons-collections-..> 03-Jan-2004 00:11    98k
  commons-collections-..> 03-Jan-2004 00:11     1k
  commons-collections-..> 03-Jan-2004 00:11    98k

Why don't we both document and work out the details for publishing to 
ibiblio for [math] as snapshot and to get the dependencies updated as 
well. We should be getting out dated snapshot src/binary distributions 
as well and make sure these get updated on a more regular basis.


Mark Diggory
Software Developer
Harvard MIT Data Center

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