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From Steve Cohen <>
Subject Re: [net] JDK 1.1 question
Date Sat, 24 Jan 2004 16:21:56 GMT
On Saturday 24 January 2004 8:43 am, Steve Cohen wrote:
> On Friday 23 January 2004 11:57 pm, Daniel F. Savarese wrote:
> > Since oro doesn't ship with Commons Net (or does it?)
> No, it doesn't, you're right.
> > and as far as I know
> > Commons Net does not rely on any part of the API that may have been
> > perturbed between 2.0.1 and 2.0.8,
> I think the only reliance is on the regex compiler/parser.  Have these
> changed?
> > a note in the documentation for JDK 1.1
> > users to use 2.0.1 until 2.0.9 is out should suffice I would think.
> I think so too.  And so, I will proceed to a attempt a release of 1.1.1
> today, adding the warning about oro-2.0.1 to the release notes (after
> trying this, of course).
Well, we aren't out of the woods yet, even with 2.0.1.   I have a little 
sample program (attached) that exercises in a small way, the system.  
Although the NoClassDefFoundErrors are gone under 2.0.1, whether I run this 
program under 2.0.8 or 2.0.1, I get these JIT errors.  They aren't harmless, 
they lead to incorrect results.

This is using JDK 1.1.8 under Windows XP both to compile and to run the 

The attached zip file contains the primitive test program, the primitive batch 
files used to compile and run the program and the output including error 
messages of running the program. (I didn't even want to THINK about running 
ant under 1.1.8).

I'm not sure what these mean.  This 1.1 release is not as simple as it may 
have seemed.   Does anyone have any ideas?
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