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From "Daniel F. Savarese" <>
Subject Re: [net] JDK 1.1 question
Date Sat, 24 Jan 2004 05:57:29 GMT

In message <>, Steve Cohen writes:
>Question - primarily for Daniel:  Do you think it makes sense to dial back to 
>using jakarta-oro-2.0.1 in commons-net.1.1.1 to preserve JDK 1.1. 
>compatibility?  What features/bug fixes would be lost?  Unless we either do 
>this or rewrite, we don't have a version that works under 1.1.

There's a pile of email I have to go through.  Sorry if there are more
pending questions that you think I should weigh in on.  I think the right
thing here is to release a jakarat-oro 2.0.9 release that uses conditional
compilation to support multiple JVMs.  That's been on the drawing board
for a long time (primarily to produce a version for J2ME), but there's
been little impetus to move it forward (some users have been hacking the code
on their own because the changes are so few to make).  Now there is.  Since
oro doesn't ship with Commons Net (or does it?) and as far as I know
Commons Net does not rely on any part of the API that may have been
perturbed between 2.0.1 and 2.0.8, a note in the documentation for
JDK 1.1 users to use 2.0.1 until 2.0.9 is out should suffice I would
think.  Was there ever a JDK 1.1 version of the Collections API
released the way there was a 1.1 version of Swing?  That's another route.
Anyway, if oro ships with Commons Net, use 2.0.1 and then we can do
a 1.1.2 release that uses 2.0.9.  I'd like to see all Jakarta committers
have access to all Jakarta code bases.  But since that's not currently
the case, if we can get some more Commons committers access to oro it may
help resolve things like this more quickly.  I'll do my best to take care
of it this weekend, but it may be another week.  The original idea was to
use vpp (actually, vpp was written in part to solve our conditional
compilation problem), so this may be the time to mavenize oro so
vpp is pulled down automatically.  Anyway, that's just to say that
most of the work will actually involve redoing the build process than
inserting the conditional code.  Don't forget to vote on the 2.0.9
release thread since you should be on the PMC by then.


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