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From Steve Cohen <>
Subject [net] JDK 1.1 question
Date Thu, 22 Jan 2004 06:04:40 GMT
I have built a candidate release for 1.1.1.

Testing it is has proven a bit problematical.  I found an old Blackdown port 
of java 1.1.8 for Linux.  I don't believe Sun ever released a port of Java 
1.1 for Linux.  Whether this has ever been tested on RedHat 9.0 which it 
predates by three years, is dubious.  In any case, the behavior I notice is 
that a sample test application attempts to connect() to an ftp server.  The 
call to connect() takes about 15 minutes to return, and when it returns the 
connection is no longer valid.  Obviously there is some sort of threading 
mismatch going on.

So, the heck with that.  Let me try to install jdk118 for Windows.

Now the programs experience no delays but throw the following exception:

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/oro/text/regex/Perl5Compiler

Now I've looked up and down and there's no way oro-2.0.7.jar is not on the 
classpath, and furthermore, it does contain 

I believe I've seen cases where these errors are thrown if there's something 
in the jar class that cannot be resolved at runtime, even if the class itself 
can be so resolved.  

Daniel, do you remember anything about anything in 2.0.7 that is not 1.1 
compatible?  If that is so, it may be that all our 1.1 efforts for net are 
for naught.

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