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From Phil Steitz <>
Subject Re: [id] UUID sending more code and a question or two
Date Wed, 21 Jan 2004 12:39:47 GMT

--- Tim Reilly <> wrote:
> With that I'll create a bugzilla enhancement to add the UUIDClock and
> UUIDSystemClock code for review. UUIDClock has changed to an interface,
> UUIDSystemClock uses the System class to get the time, without the thread
> and other code to compensate for time resolution issues. The code that
> was
> in UUIDClock I now have in a class called UUIDThreadClock (having some
> issues with the unit tests seeming to hang, I'll send when I can get that
> resolved).

Sounds good.

> It would be difficult for me to use the C code in the unit tests (but not
> impossible I suppose.) I guess the question is .. should the unit tests
> have
> this / JNI code? I felt it was important to test against the C reference
> code in the UUID draft appendix, since any errors in implementation for
> this
> code can't be fixed easily (the unique contract depends on correctly
> implementing the spec.)

That sounds like a PITA and I wonder if we are really thinking about this
correctly.  Interleaving JNI calls and comparing timestamps will be hard
and ultimately inconclusive, IIUC.  What exactly did you have in mind here?


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