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From robert burrell donkin <>
Subject Re: commons-logging log4j trace support
Date Wed, 21 Jan 2004 21:45:07 GMT
On 21 Jan 2004, at 21:29, Glen wrote:

> I have made some modifications to commons-logging that allow log4j to 
> log trace() calls as a Trace level (as opposed to using debug for both 
> debug and trace).  It allows you to specify a custom trace level (or 
> use the supplied one) via OR by calling a 
> method on the commons logging log4j factory.
> Is this something that people would be interested in having in 
> commons-logging?

this reminds me of couple of things that i was planning on doing a 
while ago (but got a bit sidetracked). i planning to add a log4j bridge 
for the older API and also one that logged trace calls to a custom 
trace level.

so, i'd probably support a new bridge class which logs trace to a 
custom trace level (i think this would be less confusing for users and 
also easier to maintain than adding this feature to the existing 

unless some other folks jump in, i'd be glad to take a look at this.

if you do fancy contributing some code, please read and remember to include 
the ASF license on all new source you submit. i'd also like to say that 
unit tests and documentation patches are (if anything) more valuable 
contributions than the actual source. (i typically spend equal amounts 
of time documenting and creating the source for a new feature and more 
than either on creating unit tests.)

> If so who is the person that is a committer for commons-logging?  I 
> have looked at the commons-logging page and it doesn't list any 
> committers...

we are borg...patches will be assimilated

( gives the only 
list that really matters, there's also a status file in CVS which makes 
tallying votes easier.)

at apache, we try to keep as much as possible on list and the 
development is collective. (so there isn't really a single person in 
charge of commons-logging.)

- robert

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