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From Bill Horsman <>
Subject [jexl] - a project using jexl
Date Sat, 10 Jan 2004 23:07:23 GMT

On Sat, 2004-01-10 at 22:41, Paul Libbrecht wrote:

> Your usage of Jexl is the first usage I know of which is separate from 
> Jelly. If you happen to have pointers, it would be nice to start a page 
> "powered-by".

We're using a genetic algorithm to help analyse some financial data. We
provide the variables in a JexlContext and then juggle the formula
around to see if we can improve it. Checking whether that juggling
results in a valid formula is one of the reasons I wanted Jexl to be a
bit stricter.

I'm using code from the project to get ideas about
how to do it. I think that the resulting code might be useful to someone
else, but I'm not sure at this early stage whether it would be suitable
for as a plugin to the jgap project or not.

Sorry again that I'm not able to provide a "powered by" link.


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