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From robert burrell donkin <>
Subject Re: [docs] mavenization of documentation [WAS Re: [beanutils] website moved to maven]
Date Wed, 28 Jan 2004 21:29:14 GMT
On 28 Jan 2004, at 14:09, wrote:

> Just give me some specifics based on the existing site, and I'll have a
> go.

great :)

the commons is now using common elements in the navigation bar. these 
are typically absolute urls pointing to useful ASF, jakarta and 
jakarta-commons resources. this helps to tie together the whole site.

the method we use (including them as an external entity) sucks but 
requires no special setup or software (unlike xinclude).

the problem is that these common elements take up a huge amount of 
visual real estate (for example see and separate the component 
specific information. i played around a little last night try to them 
collapsable (like the maven generate reports and info menus are) with 
something like this in 

the problem is that the collapsable elements don't work since there's 
no pages for them to refer to. the pages should contain the same 
content as the main index but have the particular menu item expanded.

i'll probably be hanging out on the maven irc (when i'm online) so if 
i'm around that'd be a quick way to get some better explaination.

- robert

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