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From "Brett Henderson" <>
Subject RE: [codec] multipart encoders/decoders
Date Tue, 13 Jan 2004 01:13:35 GMT
> [snip]
> > 1. Commons exists as an effort to encourage code reuse.  The 
> > Streamable framework presented was interesting, but I'd like us to 
> > find an existing streamable Base64 implementation inside of the ASF 
> > codebase.
> Not for Base64 but Ant has:
> o MD5 and SHA checksum computation: 
>> m.html

Everyone will be getting tired of my emails soon ...

I've had a look at Ant and they are using the
I think it goes back to JDK 1.2 so I assume it's okay to use within codec.
It supports MD5 and SHA-1.

We would have to create wrapper classes if we want them to support
the relevant codec interfaces but this should be straightforward.
Of course if we want to implement other algorithms such as SHA-256 or
we either have to write our own or rely on the user to have the relevant
security providers installed within their JVM.

It would be interesting to compare performance between the Sun provided
MD5 and codec.

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