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From "Stephen Colebourne" <>
Subject Re: [io] [PROPOSAL] IO Operations
Date Thu, 22 Jan 2004 09:09:54 GMT
I think that code like this would be a great addition to [io]. There has
been a pattern in a number of commons utilities where code starts as static
utilities and then becomes beans/classes underneath.

One thing to consider at this point is whether to match the names of the
Utils classes to the Operation classes. We have a CopyUtils, but maybe we
should have a DeleteUtils, and LoadUtils as well.

Actually, after thinking a little more, I wonder whether a new component for
operation/functor based programming might be applicable. It could cover io,
lang, convert, lots of things in a single API style. It could use [functor]
for its model and for chaining etc., and call onto Utils classes to do the
work. (I know there are some problems with this, partiularly with regards
event handling). Well, its an idea...


From: "Alban Peignier" <>
> > So, I'll give others a chance to chime in, but overall I think your
> > ideas are good ones.  Not as a replacement to the current static-based
> > API, but as additions.
> I think the static-based API must be keep available. It might use
> internally the IO Operation API to perform the wanted task.--
> Alban Peignier

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