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From Scott Sanders <>
Subject Re: [codec] [proposal] Moving To Apache Commons
Date Sat, 20 Dec 2003 03:27:56 GMT

On Dec 19, 2003, at 6:56 PM, Tim O'Brien wrote:

> Codec, a small - probably the smallest - piece of code in 
> Jakarta-land.  Is well suited for inclusion in Apache Commons.  I 
> propose that Codec be used as a guinea pig of sorts to test the waters 
> of Apache Commons.  It is not language specific, and it is something 
> that could be excised from the Commons with limited fuss.
> To this end, I propose that Jakarta Commons Codec be officially 
> transformed into Apache Commons Codec.
> Simultaneous with the move from J-C to A-C -
> #1. Commons Codec will be hosted on Subversion

> Why?  Subversion is ready and superior in almost every aspect.  Moving 
> smaller projects such as this one to Subversion will allow us to iron 
> out any kinks, and will help nudge more projects in this direction.
> #2. Commons Codec will use Jira for issue tracking.
-0.  Don't care.
> #3. All committers to Commons Codec are also granted access to Apache 
> Commons


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