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From "Jung, Eric (Contractor)" <>
Subject RE: [Fileupload] Progress bar
Date Wed, 24 Dec 2003 19:54:28 GMT
Hello Craig,

>What's stopping you from doing this in a Filter already
Until your post yesterday, I didn't realize the ServletInputStream retrieved by servletRequest.getInputStream()
from Filter.doFilter() isn't read unless explicitly asked for by client code. Thanks for that
valuable information!! However, I am looking for a generalized solution that will work with
a servlet container behind a web server. I'll prototype something the way you describe just
for fun, but I doubt I'll find a real-world use for it outside my sandbox. Another point is
that many sites aren't able to use the Servlet 2.3 spec yet (including mine :(), so near-term
portability could be an issue. I'm not so concerned about that, anyway, as I am your point
re: this would only work if the servlet container isn't behind Apache HTTPD or some other
web server...

Once again, thanks for the valuable feedback! I have been a fan of your work for some years


Eric H. Jung
Russell/Mellon Analytical Services
Everett, MA, USA 

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From: Craig R. McClanahan []
Sent: Wednesday, December 24, 2003 2:23 PM
To: Jakarta Commons Developers List; Jung, Eric (Contractor)
Cc: Jakarta Commons Developers List
Subject: RE: [Fileupload] Progress bar

Quoting "Jung, Eric (Contractor)" <>:

> Hi Yoav,
> "It's not small and contained for the container writers who have to support
> that listener."
> Granted, it may not be small and contained for them. However, contrast that
> level of work with the amount Craig is talking about ("a low level server API
> abstraction" with the servlet API built over that), and I think you'll agree
> the another EventListener that already fits nicely into the 2.4 EventListener
> paradigm is almost trivial in comparison. For what it's worth, I've done a
> lot of the work for supporting this EventListener in Tomcat, and so far it
> hasn't been that large a matter.

What's stopping you from doing this in a Filter already, since you get to
override the ServletInputStream if you want to?  It will work fine in any pure
Java environment (like standalone Tomcat), where the body of the message is not
consumed until the application asks for it.  No API changes required for that
-- just a Fiter implementation (and it would be usable on large POST and PUT
requests too, not just file uploads).


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