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From "Phil Steitz" <>
Subject Re: [uid] UuidClock patch1
Date Tue, 30 Dec 2003 07:49:24 GMT
Tim Reilly wrote:
> I missed the IETF license clause that requires quoting from IETF documents
> to carry the full IETF copyright notice paragraph. This patch applies the
> (c) disclaimer paragraph as specified by the IETF copy license.
> Also removed the @author tag.

Thanks, Tim.  Good catch.  I have added the notice.  I think that the 
quote is appropriate (i.e., it's better not to rip it out or paraphrase), 
since it does describe (part of) exactly what you are trying to implement. 
(I guess it pays to read the spec all the way to the end ;)

Pls have a look at the test that I added for UuidClock.  I don't think 
that I have the accuracy part right and I am seeing sporadic (say, every 
10th time on a *fast* linux box) failures in the uniqueness test.

Also, please make sure that you can build the whole project let us know 
what you think about the setup.  As long as whatever we end up with in 
uuid can implement the StringIdentifierGenerator interface, things should 
work fine. I added a maven-generated ant build.xml, which should work if 
you don't like/use maven.


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