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From Tim O'Brien <>
Subject Re: [codec] [proposal] Moving To Apache Commons
Date Sat, 20 Dec 2003 03:46:46 GMT
Gary Gregory wrote:

>>#1. Commons Codec will be hosted on Subversion
>-1, unless I can use Eclipse to access the repos. Can Subversion work in
>some kind of CVS compatibility mode? Using a CLI is such a pain.
When did ASF development become tied to Eclipse functionality?  I've 
noticed this over the past few months.  This seems a very serious 
compromise.  If open source tool X doesn't support technology Y, then 
get to work. 

Maybe I assume too much, when I assume that the majority of ASF 
committers are confortable building Apache HTTPD from source - on the 
command-line.   I don't think asking Apache committers to be fluent with 
the "command line 'interface'" is too demanding.

>>#2. Commons Codec will use Jira for issue tracking.
>Is there any reason to use a normally commercial product here? [Same issues
>as using Clover I guess] Are folks sick of bugzilla? Not perty enough?
More itemized lists from me.  A few reasons:

A. I don't see the query page scaling very gracefully.  I select 
"Commons" from the "Program" list, wait 20 seconds and then I can choose 
"Codec".  Once I do that, I'm a little perplexed by the idea that every 
single component in this behemoth J-C shares the same list of versions 
and target milestones.   I want a separate project, with the ability to 
create separate components, and versions. 

B. The RoadMap - notice that Jelly has a good Roadmap - that helps 
convey purpose to potential contributors. 

C. Yes, it is a commercial product, but I stood by and watched as 
Atlassian provided a great deal of help to the infrastructure people ( 
Noel and others ) who took valuable time to install this tool.

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