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From Tim O'Brien <>
Subject [codec] [proposal] Moving To Apache Commons
Date Sat, 20 Dec 2003 02:56:00 GMT
Codec, a small - probably the smallest - piece of code in Jakarta-land.  
Is well suited for inclusion in Apache Commons.  I propose that Codec be 
used as a guinea pig of sorts to test the waters of Apache Commons.  It 
is not language specific, and it is something that could be excised from 
the Commons with limited fuss.

To this end, I propose that Jakarta Commons Codec be officially 
transformed into Apache Commons Codec.

Simultaneous with the move from J-C to A-C -

#1. Commons Codec will be hosted on Subversion

Why?  Subversion is ready and superior in almost every aspect.  Moving 
smaller projects such as this one to Subversion will allow us to iron 
out any kinks, and will help nudge more projects in this direction. 

#2. Commons Codec will use Jira for issue tracking. 

#3. All committers to Commons Codec are also granted access to Apache 

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