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From Emmanuel Bourg <>
Subject Re: [configuration] Exception handling - was Automatic reloading
Date Fri, 19 Dec 2003 17:39:26 GMT wrote:

> Emmanuel,
> ;-) thank you for putting my name in the author field of
> ReloadingStrategy, but I do not deserve this honour. This is all your
> design.

That was your idea ;)

> I have one remark and this is not specific to your code, but applies to
> whole configuration: Our exception handling is very inconsistent in some
> points. For instance, in the new PersistentConfiguration interface the
> save() method throws an IOException and the load() method throws an
> Exception. I know, this is because the underlying methods you want to
> call have these throws clauses. So I would suggest to make this more
> consistent.

Indeed, I started with the load() and save() methods throwing an 
IOException, then I changed to an Exception on load() to be compatible 
with the DOM4JConfiguration.load() method throwing a DOM4JException.

> There are some methods that have a throws Exception clause, which is
> quite ugly in my opinion. Well, some of them can indeed throw a bunch of
> different exception types. What could we do to improve this? How about
> introducing a ConfigurationException class, which can have a nested
> exception?

I agree, that's a common practice. If a persistent configuration was 
stored into a database we would get a SQLException on load() & save(), 
so we need a generic exception abstracting the implementation 
exceptions. A ConfigurationException is a better choice than a simple 

> What do others think about this? This is a kind of cleanup, which maybe
> should be done before the first release. Later it could be more
> problematic because of compatibility issues.

Is there a 1.0 release planned soon after the promotion of 
[configuration] to Commons Proper ?

Emmanuel Bourg

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