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From Eric Galluzzo <>
Subject Re: [configuration] Automatic reloading
Date Tue, 16 Dec 2003 15:14:11 GMT
Emmanuel Bourg wrote:

> I like the idea of a decorator, I'm implementing it currently. I see 
> one issue though, I was considering a refactoring of the include logic 
> in BasePropertiesConfiguration to use a tree of configurations, i.e. 
> if the property can't be found in the parent configuration, it would 
> look up in the children configurations.
> With a decorator pattern the included configurations can't be reloaded 
> automatically unless the BasePropertiesConfiguration wraps them in a 
> ReloadableConfiguration. In this case it wouldn't be possible to 
> manage their reloading properties (enabling/disabling, refresh delay). 
> If the PropertiesConfiguration was reloadable, it could propagate its 
> reloading properties to its children.

Actually, you could still support that.  Just have FileConfiguration 
have a File[] getFiles() method (or Iterator getFileIterator() ) method 
instead of a getFile() method.  Then you could do this:

public class BasePropertiesConfiguration extends ... implements 
    protected File fPropertiesFile;
    protected List fChildList = new ArrayList( 2 );


    public File[] getFiles()
        List allFiles = new ArrayList();
        allFiles.add( fPropertiesFile );
        for ( Iterator iter = fChildList.iterator(); iter.hasNext(); )
            FileConfiguration child = (FileConfiguration);
            allFiles.addAll( Arrays.asList( child.getFiles() ) );
        File[] fileArray = new File[allFiles.size()];
        return (File[]) allFiles.toArray( fileArray );


I've not actually looked at the BasePropertiesConfiguration code, but 
that's a rough approximation of what you could do.  Then 
ReloadableConfiguration could check all the files returned by getFiles() 
and reload the base configuration (which would reload the children) if 
any of the files had changed.  Or you could do something fancier, 
traversing to the individual child Configurations using some sort of 
CompositeConfiguration and only reloading the individual Configuration 
that changed; but that would probably be more trouble than it would be 

    - Eric

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