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From Emmanuel Bourg <>
Subject Re: [configuration] Automatic reloading
Date Tue, 16 Dec 2003 14:09:31 GMT
I like the idea of a decorator, I'm implementing it currently. I see one 
issue though, I was considering a refactoring of the include logic in 
BasePropertiesConfiguration to use a tree of configurations, i.e. if the 
property can't be found in the parent configuration, it would look up in 
the children configurations.

With a decorator pattern the included configurations can't be reloaded 
automatically unless the BasePropertiesConfiguration wraps them in a 
ReloadableConfiguration. In this case it wouldn't be possible to manage 
their reloading properties (enabling/disabling, refresh delay). If the 
PropertiesConfiguration was reloadable, it could propagate its reloading 
properties to its children.

Emmanuel Bourg

Eric Galluzzo wrote:

> Alternatively, it might be nice to introduce a FileConfiguration 
> interface that just has a getFile() method.  Both 
> DOM4JConfiguration and PropertiesConfiguration would implement this.  
> Then one could repackage your existing ReloadablePropertiesConfiguration 
> as a ReloadableConfiguration that implements Configuration but delegates 
> to another FileConfiguration and checks the file every so often.  Thus:
> Configuration config = new ReloadableConfiguration(
>    new DOM4JConfiguration( myXMLFile ) );
> or
> Configuration config = new ReloadableConfiguration(
>    new PropertiesConfiguration( myPropFile ) );
> This is a Decorator design reminiscent of FilteredOutputStream and 
> FilteredInputStream.
>    - Eric

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